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About Us

World News by Expertini in its sway has proved itself as an organisation to serve many dimensions of Web industry globally. With it’s multidisciplinary team of Journalists, Editors, Writers, Scientists and savvy IT professionals who have lived and worked across the globe, Expertini has prospered and carved a niche for itself. It is this vast combined experience that has been packaged into a successful business in an area of activity where first-hand, hard-core knowledge is a pre-requisite to trend with technology and culture. The role of Expertini with its online News Portal is to bring the knowledge and awareness to the masses openly and freely.


We think the traditional approach is the best practice. We ensure that we precisely check what our team writes from the vetted sources with freedom of speech while honouring and maintaining the ethics of journalism.


Contacting us

If you would like to contact us or wish to contact us concerning any News and News publication matter and relating to it, you may do so via the contact form or send an email to news(at)expertini.com

This document was last updated on November 15, 2021