Customer Returns Program Spec

In the Worldwide Returns u0026 ReCommerce (WW Ru0026R) group at Amazon, we are dedicated to making zero happen zero cost of returns, zero waste, and zero defects to benefit our customers, company, and environment. We are an agile and inclusive organization that constantly innovates to create long-term value by investing in our people and our planet, not simply focusing on the bottom line. WW Ru0026R includes business, product, operations, data, and software engineering teams, who together manage the lifecycle of returned and damaged products. In WW Ru0026R, you will partner across these teams to help customers discover great deals on quality used, rentals, and open box items; get the most value out of Amazons products; improve the customer returns experience; and reduce defects, waste, and cost in reverse logistics processes. You will be a leader, a builder, and an owner, collaborating cross-functionally with technical, operations, and business teams to design scalable and automated solutions to customer problems. Amazon is Earths most customer-centric company and in WW Ru0026R, the Earth is our customer too. Come join us and innovate with the Amazon Worldwide Returns u0026 ReCommerce team In this role, you will be developing training and instructions, translating business objectives into operational process content. You will work with both business and operational partners to standardize processes, workstations, training, and item evaluation instructions. You will develop global Amazon processes, identify content improvement opportunities, devise strategies and implement changes/additions providing valuable information to warehouse workers evaluating the condition of returned and damaged items. You will be a caretaker for global best practice sharing and documentation. You will develop subject matter expertise in our attribute based evaluation system, identifying top opportunities enabling generalists to become specialists.