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Campus Incharge (Pre-Primary & Primary)

1. Complies with the mission and vision of the institute.
2. Serves as a role model for students, dressing professionally as per dress code policy.
3. Demonstrates the importance of religious self-growth.
4. Ensures that the students and teachers attend scheduled salat.
6. Communicates with students and teaching staff to develop a proper understanding.
7. Establishes a culture of mutual respect and excellence through dialogue and relationship with staff, students, office person and others.
8. Uses effective presentation skills when addressing students, staff and the parents including appropriate vocabulary, clear and legible visuals and audible speech.
9. Provides leadership and oversight for the instructional, curricular and co-curricular program.
10. Reviews curriculum development proposals from team members.
11. Ensures that instructional objectives for a given subject/s are developed and involves the faculty
in the development of specific curricular objectives
12. Supervises implementation of Academic policies of the institute, evaluating lesson plans, observing class teachings and regulating tests and exams.
13. Supervises in a fair and consistent manner effective discipline.
14. Plans and ensures timely executions of events according to the approved event calendar.
15. Ensures a safe, orderly environment that encourages the students to take responsibility for behavior and creates high morale among staff and students.
16. Displays highest ethical and professional behavior and standards when working with students and staff.

Academic Coordinator ((Pre-primary, Primary & O Levels),

1. To carry on with the mission of NAKHLAH and to comply with the vision.
2. Observes and keeps a check on the dress code as per the policy.
3. Develops and maintains a plan for one’s religious self-growth.
4. Is directly responsible for academics and academic standards.
5. Actively supports the Head of Campus in the implementation of Academics in particular and cocurricular and extracurricular plans/programs.
6. At times of need substitutes for the Principal/In-charge in his/her absence.
7. Coordinates with teaching staff for syllabus follow up and lesson planning.
8. Attends subject coordination and lesson plan meetings.
9. Arranges inter-campus coordination meetings as per policy.
11. Observes (to report to campus Head) the teaching activities in class and evaluates related to subject requirements.
13. Assists in the planning and monitoring of Tests, Exams and assignments.
14. Ensures that deadlines are met by the teachers in the checking of papers and result preparation.
15. Coordinates for organizing co-curricular activities in an effective manner.
16. Ensures the proper follow up of the Themes of the months and practically participates with the teachers.
18. Monitors students’ behavior and develops interventions for improvement.
20. Assists and monitors the working of students’ societies.
21. Maintains professional integrity, confidentiality, respect and sensitivity in advising.
22. Serves as team player and role model for other employees in the institute.

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