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Getting The Best Of Education
Published on: 2015-06-25 00:09:55 - in Education Category
Getting The Best Of Education
Getting The Best Of Education

Education is a mental and intellectual training given in schools, colleges and universities.It is a process by which our mind develops through formal learning. Education is the backbone of a nation. No nation can prosper without it.

The purpose of education is to enlighten an individual and develop his/her capacity to the limit. Education helps us to meet challenges in life. It ennobles our mind and refines our sensibility. Moreover, education gives a clear conscious view of one's opinion.

It is often compared to light which removes the darkness of ignorance. But education must be true. There is certainly difference between true education and traditional education. Education is true when it is able to bring about better changes in our habits and mentality.If we don't know and follow what is right, what is the use of education?

True education helps and encourages us to flourish our hidden human quality. The education learnt through practice and experience is real education. Therefore, everybody should cherish a desire for having a true education to do only good things and prosper in life.

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